How to Remove Password On Windows 11?

The login password can be removed from an account in various ways on Windows 11, and this guide shows you how. Password-protecting your account prevents unauthorized access to your computer and files from the internet or locally. It may be unnecessary to use a password in some instances because of the need to speed up access to the desktop.

There are a number of ways to remove the account password in Windows 11 for an automatic sign-in experience if security is not a concern. This guide will teach you how to remove the login password from Windows 11 and automatically sign in.

Why You Shouldn’t Remove Your Password?

There is no other way for someone to access your files than by entering your Windows password. Computers located where everyone has physical access will probably be fine as long as you trust them. It is definitely not a good idea to do this on a laptop that you carry with you. It is too easy for them to be lost or stolen.

To protect sensitive data, some programs, such as Google Chrome, require your Windows password. Google Chrome can be used to view saved passwords or credit cards. To view them, you must enter your Windows password. Without it, anyone who gains access to your device could view your passwords and credit cards.

Signing in automatically is a much better option that does not expose you to the same risk – it’s simply not worth the risk.

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Password Removal for Windows 11

The following steps will help you remove your Windows 11 password if you still want to do so after this warning. You can do the same thing with your Windows 10 password. In order to use Windows 11, you must first log in with a local account. Using a Microsoft login, you cannot remove a Windows 11 password.

It is possible to change your password in a number of different ways. The Microsoft account and the local account are the two most practical.

Microsoft account for Windows 11

Start by searching for Settings in the Start menu and selecting the Best match option.

Click Your info from the Accounts tab in the sidebar.

Microsoft Settings Windows 11

Instead of signing in with a local account, select Sign in with a local account.

Sign in Windows 11

The next step in Windows 11 will be to confirm whether you want to switch to a local account. Signing in again to Microsoft apps may be required to do so. Click Next when you’re ready.

Sign in using your current password or PIN when prompted.

PIN Windows 11

You can now create an account by entering a username and leaving the New Password and Confirm Password fields blank.

Once you have made your changes, click on Next and then Sign out and Finish.

Windows 11 now allows you to log in without a password.

Remove password for local account

Your computer will be much easier to use if the device already has a local account. Here are the steps to remove a local account’s password in Windows 11:

By clicking on the Win icon, select Settings.

Select Sign-in options under Accounts in the left menu navigation.

Password In Windows 11

You can open Password by scrolling down and clicking on it.

After all your settings have been made, click the Change button.

Here’s the interface you’ll see when you enter your password.

To create a new password, leave all fields completely blank and click Next.

New Password Windows 11

We have successfully changed your password to blank. Please click Done to complete the process.

Finish Windows 11

Leaving your account or restarting Windows 11 will sign you out.

A local account can be selected on the login screen after your PC restarts so that you do not need to enter your password to access your device.

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Windows 11 users who want quick access to a PC that contains no important data may have to remove their passwords. Passwords should however be enabled on your computer if there’s a chance that someone may accidentally access it.

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