HitmanPro v3.8.28 Crack Download

HitmanPro is your go-to tool for checking if your computer has viruses. This speedy software is portable and can run from a USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD, local, or network-attached hard drive.

HitmanPro is a swift, all-in-one solution for spotting and eliminating viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, and other malware. It quickly reveals if your PC is infected with harmful software.

Studies indicate that many computers are infected, even if they have current security software installed. Often, multiple anti-malware programs are needed to fully protect against threats. HitmanPro 3 leverages cutting-edge cloud computing techniques to detect and remove potential malware with minimal impact on system performance.

Features of HitmanPro

  • Detects and Removes: Capable of identifying and eliminating viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, and other malware.
  • Innovative Scanning: Utilizes a groundbreaking technique to differentiate between harmful and safe software without needing signatures.
  • Quick Scans: Completes system scans in just a few minutes.
  • Minimal System Impact: Operates without adding extra load to your system.
  • Accurate Detection: Avoids false positives on crucial system files through “profiling” and whitelisting.
  • Multi-Vendor Malware Identification: Uses real-time “Scan Cloud” for robust malware detection.
  • System Restoration: Automatically repairs common system changes caused by malware.
  • System Restore Checkpoints: Creates a checkpoint in System Restore before removing malicious software.
  • Resilient Threat Removal: Eliminates stubborn threats using native NT boot-time deleter.
  • Cleans Up Residuals: Removes remnants of malware such as shortcuts and registry entries.
  • Free Malware Scan: Offers a complimentary malware scanning service.

System Requirement

  • Release year: 2022
  • Version:
  • System: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Interface language: Multilanguage-Spanish included


HitmanPro Scan Setup
HitmanPro Virus Detect
HitmanPro Virus Detect

How to Install or Crack HitmanPro Version v3.8.28

  • Download and install the provided build of HitmanPro 3.8.28.
  • This version is pre-cracked, so you don’t need to apply any crack or enter a serial number to activate the license.
  • Make sure to always block HitmanPro in your firewall to prevent any updates or license checks.

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